Made in Nagaland Centre launched in Chümoukedima

The vibrant state of Nagaland witnessed a momentous occasion with the grand opening of the brand new “Made in Nagaland, Dimapur” on 27th June 2023 at City Square in Chümoukedima. This extension of the esteemed Made in Nagaland Centre in Kohima marks a significant breakthrough in promoting local talent and fostering economic growth within the community.

Grand Opening of “Made in Nagaland, Dimapur” to empowers Local Artisans and Entrepreneurs graced by Hon’ble Advisor Hekani Jakhalu, Department of Industries & Commerce. In her address Advisor stated that one of the primary objectives of the Made in Nagaland Centre is to bolster economic growth and youth empowerment. By providing a dedicated space for local artisans and entrepreneurs to showcase their creations, the center encourages sustainable livelihoods and entrepreneurial ventures. It fosters an environment conducive to creativity, innovation, and the exchange of ideas, enabling the growth of small-scale industries and the development of the local economy.

Situated at City Square in Chümoukedima, the Made in Nagaland, Dimapur serves as a hub for local artisans and entrepreneurs, providing them with a platform to exhibit, connect, and sell their unique
creations to a wider audience. The launch of the Made in Nagaland, Dimapur coincides with the 5th anniversary of the Made in Nagaland Centre, adding to the celebratory atmosphere. The center’s inauguration is a testament to the commitment and vision of the government and local authorities in supporting and promoting indigenous talent. The center offers a diverse range of products, including traditional handicrafts, textiles, handloom items, bamboo and woodcraft, jewelry, and much more. These authentic creations reflect the unique identity and artistic traditions of Nagaland, enticing both locals and visitors alike.