YouthNet Women Entrepreneurship Fellowship (YWEF)

The Made In Nagaland Centre initiative was designed with the purpose to serve as a platforms for our local entrepreneurs. The centre has attracted many visitors both local and outsiders, looking to buy and indulge in the products that are crafted by our local entrepreneurs. Through our experience we have had the opportunity to observe, study and learn the potential for growth is immense, however, our entrepreneurs are faced with challenges in their businesses be it external or internal.

Given the privilege to work with Godrej Good & Green (GCPL) for the Beautypreneur project, we have trained more than 800 women & girls in the Beauty and Wellness sector. Equipping them with Life Skills, empowering them and handholding their business since 2016-2020, this project has been a great success as we helped over 30 young women to turn their business models around. With the feather of achievement of the Beautypreneur Project in our cap, we are looking forward to further this project for women entrepreneurs not only in Beauty and Wellness sector but also those engaged in other sectors.

This fellowship program is designed as a means to help our women entrepreneurs with the objectives to change their business dynamics, facilitate change and growth in their businesses while addressing the issues of each entrepreneur individually.

The program is supported by the Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Nagaland and Startup Nagaland. 

The concept of the fellowship

The fellowship program will choose 20 rising women entrepreneurs while they get monthly lessons with mentors they can relate to. It starts
with a 2-day orientation program and a yearlong one-to-one handholding of each entrepreneur by our experts. At the end of the fellowship, the fellows and mentees wrap up after a day-long session before they go back to focus on their endeavors.

This program is the first step required for any entrepreneur with a startup business. Business acumen skills must be acquired in order to become a progressive business. This program facilitates growth and incites entrepreneurial drive in the entrepreneurs. It will help them assess their business-profitability, make future projections, working capital management, eligibility for applying to schemes and funding opportunities etc.

Meet the first Cohort of YWEF

Ketholeno Kense is the proprietor of Cache Naga by Leno, an emerging
entrepreneur who focuses on handcrafted tribal souvenirs. Leno started her business with an initial investment of 2 lakhs. She has been in the business for more than 2 years.

Limala from Dimapur is the proprietor of Lishi Soap. Her keen passion for making natural handmade soap turned into a business venture. Lishi started with Rs.50000/- capital investment and is currently a growing business. With her affordable products she plans to distribute her products across all districts of Nagaland.

Tasangkala Imchen is the proprietor of Expression Life, Dimapur. She has an experience of more than 4 years in the decoupage art business. Tasang is planning to set up a training centre in the near future to impart her knowledge and experience of decoupage art to the younger generations.

Imtisenla is the proprietor of “She is you”. Asen has an experience in the business for more than 2 years and also has a plan to venture & invest more.

Vizosenuo Sekhose is the proprietor of The Pure Petals products. She has been in the business for more the 2 years.

Alemjungla Jamir is a chef & Restaurateur. She has more than 2 years of experience in the food business.

Supongtula the proprietor of Zonee Food Products is based in Dimapur. She has an experience in the food processing business for over 5 years.

Ruopfuzhano Whiso is the young emerging entrepreneur and proprietor of the Lady Ruo Kohima. Ruopfu has been in business for more than a year.

Amenla Aier is an MBA graduate and has been working as the Manager of the Made in Nagaland, an initiative of YouthNet. She has an experience of 3 years in business.

Sungjemienla (Aien) is the proprietor of “The Sweetest Thing” based in Kohima. Aien has an experience for more than 10 years in the bakery business.

Lipok Esther the proprietor of “Fire & Earth Ceramic”. Lipok has an experience in the business for more than 3 years. She has a plan to set up pottery school in the future.

Benny & Janet are co-proprietors of “Knack & Wrap” based in Kohima
and has been in the customized gifting service business for over a year.

Neivino who dreamed of having her own products converted her dreams into reality with the little money she had saved after the intervention of the YWEF program. Her passion for knitting & weaving has now turned into a business model generating more income to plan and save to do business. Neivi has an experience in business for more than 10 years.

Asano Peseyie proprietor of Digital 112 based in Dimapur. Asano has an experience of more than 5 years in the business & IT sector.

Hear from our YWEF Cohort 1

"I am very grateful to YouthNet for allowing me to be part of the YWEF Cohort. This program has made a huge impact on my business as well as on my life; it has broadened my horizon and motivated me to take a bigger step toward my dream."
Limatula Longchar (Cohort-1)
Proprietor - Lishi Soap
"When I join the cohort it was a time in my business journey to retrospect & introspect and contemplate my abilities and capabilities to grow as an entrepreneur. The learning that we had and the networks that I had built with the other women entrepreneurs within the cohort were great opportunities for me."
Supongtula Aier (Cohort-1)
Proprietor - Zonee Food Products
"Participating in the first cohort of YWEF was an amazing experience, the tools and knowledge acquired and the network established during that time has proven priceless. A prime example is the significance of maintaining proper bookkeeping which I initially overlooked but now find indispensable."
Imtisenla Longkumer
Proprietor - She is you

Meet the Second Cohort of YWEF

Abigail Sitlhou is the proprietor of “Bake for you” which is a home-based bakery in Kohima,
Nagaland. She dreams of training and empowering more unemployed women so that they can use baking as a means to generate little income to be self-reliant & independent.

Bangdwa is the proprietor of “Bstudio” boutique. Bangdwa did her Fashion design technology (FCT) from NIFT. Under the umbrella of Bstudio , they have Bstudiobespoke, Bstudio and Bstudio. They have recently started a section on wax fragrances and scented candles.

Danyele Thong Zhimomi is the proprietor of “Da.nye.ka” which is a florist and cottage core home goods business based in Dimapur. She has now expanded to products ranging from cotton bed linens to galvanized metal plates.

Gugu Koutsu is the proprietor of “GUTOUCH”. Gugu started her journey making jewelry presenting both traditional and modern in her work to reflect her Naga roots. As her passion grew as an artisan, she also identified her skill in decorating. In 2013 she kick-started her business as a wedding planner and now catered to all kinds of events.

Imlirenla Jamir is the proprietor of “Craate”. With experiences in running her own online blog, online fashion store, and co-founding a fashion startup, she started making personalized gifts with locally sourced materials during the lockdown as a side hustle and has now turned it into a full-time business.

Kuduvelu Veswuh is the Designer behind “Munye Handmade Nagaland”, she draws ideas and inspiration from the nature around her for the jewelry design. She has also now launched “Rhozii Collections” in Kohima, a curation of Naga local products made in Nagaland.

Three sisters, Shivi, Lituna & Kakali are the co-proprietor of “The Bakesmith” initiated by the eldest sibling Shivi in 2013. The Bakesmith is a Baking business venture based in Dimapur, where they not only cater to all kinds of occasions but also train youths in baking.

Lovely Khenka Yepthomi is the proprietor of “Mental Sprout Educational Institution” (Montessori cum Nursery Teachers Training and Abacus Institute). She has been in the business since 2016.

Mhaleno Visa is an entrepreneur who completed her master’s in Nutrition & Diabetics and started baking after her completion in her studies and is now a full-time baker by profession.

Nevetalu Swuro is the proprietor of “Happy Piggies”. Her business is based in Dimapur and is focused on breeding and meat production.

Regina Chakruno is the proprietor of “Regina”. She is a fashion entrepreneur from Medziphema, Nagaland. Soon after completion of her studies, she worked as a faculty in the Fashion Technology Dept. at the Global Open University, Nagaland for more than 8 years. She is now a full-time entrepreneur who is exploring sustainable fashion.

Rhonbeni Murry is the proprietor of “Hantsen” which is a food processing business in pickle making started in 2019. She is based in Kohima and recently launched her physical store in collaboration with Cubby Basket.

Sangla is the proprietor of “Crochet Shoes”. Sangla started her business venture in 2019. The products of “Crochet Shoes” are made affordable and budget

Temsusenla Kichu is the proprietor of “Fusion Store” based in Dimapur. She has 12 years of working experience in sales.

Vepotolu Dozo is the proprietor of “VD homemade” which is a pickle making business. She began her journey in high school watching her aunt and finally launched VD homemade in 2021.

Yimchak Medeo is the proprietor of “Inara Unisex Kohima”. She is a hairstylist and make-up artist from Kohima. She has a dream of setting up a training institute someday.

Hear from our YWEF Cohort 2

"This journey wasn’t a bed of roses. It was tough and challenging. My journey completely took a different turn after I became part of the fellowship program, the continuous support and handholding given by the mentor has been so enriching. The decision of joining the cohort was the best things that happen."
Rhobeni Murry (Cohort-2)
Proprietor - Hantsen
"This program has helped me in nurturing and enhancing my skills and potential. It has been one of the driving forces in my entrepreneurial journey and I am so grateful to be part of this cohort."
Vepotolu Dozo (Cohort-2)
Proprietor - VD Homemade
"YWEF has been an immense help in the growth of my start Up. The Cohort has constantly handheld me throughout my journey and mentored me to develop my skills professionally and grow in my business venture."
Mhaleno Visa (cohort-2)

Join the Next cohort of YouthNet Women Entrepreneurship Fellowship - YWEF

Kindly go through the eligibility criteria below and fill up the form. Our team will get in touch with you.

Who is the program for?

  • For start-ups initiated by Naga women.
  • For entrepreneurs with potential for growth.

Who is eligible?

  • Entrepreneurs should be indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland.
  • The entrepreneurs should be 25-50 years of age.
  • The entrepreneur should have a running enterprise/ business .
  • The entrepreneurs chosen for the fellowship must be consistent, flexible and willing to invest at least 6 hrs a month to this program for a period of 1 year.

Key Offerings

  • Business financial management.
  • Assessment of the market study.
  • Holistic understanding of competitive pricing.
  • Benefit of support and network system amongst the fellows.
  • One to one mentoring with experts.
  • Networking and supporting other Fellows business. 

Application closed for YWEF Cohort 2023-24

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