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Creating Innovative Culture in the Education System

Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC)

About Nagaland Start-up Policy 2019-2023

With the aim to accelerate and promote local entrepreneurs in the state of Nagaland, the Department of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Nagaland, has been appointed as the nodal department to implement the Start-up policy for the state which will create an enabling environment for start-ups to grow, by ensuring knowledge exchange, capacity building, policy interventions and access to funding.

The vision of Nagaland Start-up Policy 2019-2023 is to establish Nagaland as a model start-up leader in the region, by creating a culture of entrepreneurship that nurtures creative and innovative youth, allowing them to build successful start-up companies, become job creators and contribute towards building a healthy and sustainable economy.

About Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC)

- Creating Innovative Culture in the Education System
To promote start-up culture and innovation amongst the youth in Nagaland, Nagaland Start-up Policy states that the Government should establish Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in schools and colleges. The Department of Industries and Commerce has partnered with YouthNet in 2021 to set up Entrepreneurship Development Centres (EDCs) in education institutions across Nagaland.

The EDCs will provide critical facilities like plug-n-play working space and internet connectivity along with research and testing labs. This collaboration sets to build the capacity of the faculty to encourage the students to pursue entrepreneurship, embed Entrepreneurship modules in the schools with the inclusion of innovative projects and support innovators to scale up their ideas.

About Entrepreneurship Mindset Development Curriculum

For the implementation of the program, YouthNet collaborated with Udhyam Learning Foundation to design and develop Entrepreneurship Mindset Development Curriculum for the Entrepreneurship Development Centre EDCs.

This is a hands-on entrepreneurial mindset program that gives our learners an opportunity to try to develop essential mindsets and skills through the experience of “doing” a real business. The key focus is grounded in developing entrepreneurial mindsets of Independent Thinking, Grit, Trying New Things and Self Awareness. It also aims to build the 21st-century life skills of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking. The learners also learn key business skills like selling, understanding customer needs and business planning.

The approach of the curriculum is experiential in nature, which means, we do not “teach” business or the theory of the mindsets, but create experiences for them to reflect on their learnings and identify ways to apply them.

Key Learning Outcomes
Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Skills

1. Goal Setting
2. Confident Communication
3. Effective Planning
4. Grit
5. Self-Awareness
6. Critical Thinking

Business topics

1. Problem Identification
2. Customer Need Analysis
3. Ideation for Business Ideas
4. Create a Prototype
5. Conducting Customer Surveys
6. Business Planning
7. Money Management
8. Marketing
9. Ethical Decision Making