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In partnership with SAMAGRA Shiksha programme under the Directorate of School Education, YouthNet launched InnoveX entrepreneurship competition for vocational schools. The competition is named InnoveX after its main objective of conducting the competition which is to incite the concept of innovation and creativity in students, to instill entrepreneurial mindsets in students having end number of opportunities.

The core idea and objective of the competition is to provide students a hands-on experience of doing business, to explore and learn the opportunities of doing business. Participants undertake an online class on basic skills of entrepreneurship and business management skills and further, they will formulate business ideas of their own and implement their ideas using the seed money given to each team.

The program started in the month of September 2020 and will be concluding in the month of February 2021.

No of students district wise YouthnetWith 18 schools under Samagra Shiksha participating in the competition, the chart below shows the distribution of the number of students enrolled in the 18 schools across the state enrolled in class 9 and 11 undergoing vocational education.

status participation YouthnetA total of 1761 students are participating from all the 18 schools across the 11 districts of Nagaland. Out of 18 schools, 3 schools have been inactive due to the pandemic and lack of access to mobile phones/laptops, the students have been unresponsive.

The table below shows 18 Schools with Vocational Education under Samagra Shiksha and the various
trades taught in the schools which are currently undergoing the entrepreneurship program.

18 Schools with Vocational Education under Samagra Shiksha Youthnet