The Startup Green Innovation Challenge


The Startup Green Innovation Challenge 1st Edition will centre its attention in the fields of Mechanical Technology and Biotechnology that involves machines in its value chain development.
(Exception: Women and Students category is open to all sectors)

Green innovation

Green innovation refers to the development and implementation of new innovations, technologies, and practices that promote environmental sustainability and minimize negative impacts on the planet.

Rules for Application and Selection Criteria – Startup Green Innovation Challenge

Application Rules:

1. Eligibility: The Startup Green Innovation Challenge is open to innovators who are indigenous to Nagaland working on innovative solutions in the field of environmental sustainability and green technology.

2. Startup Stage: Startups at any stage of development, from idea to scale, are eligible to apply. However, preference may be given to startups that have already made progress in developing and testing their products.

3. Credibility:

a) The solution proposed by the startup should be novel, unique, and distinguishable from existing products, services, or ideas in the market. It should showcase a creative and inventive approach to addressing environmental challenges.

b) Startups should avoid plagiarism, infringement of intellectual property rights, or unauthorized use of existing innovations. The solution should not be a direct copy or imitation of any existing product or idea.

c) The extent of Startup Green Innovation Challenge does not include retail or service provider like basic fabrication, installation etc.

4. Application Submission: All applications must be submitted through the designated online application portal.

5. Deadline: The deadline for submitting applications is 10 August 2023. Late and incomplete submissions will not be considered.

6. Disclaimer: The organizers of the event have the right to accept or reject applications.


Selection Criteria: The selection process for the Startup Green Innovation Challenge will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Innovation and Creativity: The degree of innovation, uniqueness, and creativity demonstrated by the startup’s solution will be evaluated. Preference will be given to startups that propose novel approaches to addressing environmental challenges.
  2. Environmental Impact: The potential impact of the startup’s solution on the environment will be assessed. The solution should address a specific environmental issue and have the potential to contribute significantly to sustainability efforts.
  3. Viability and Scalability: The viability and scalability of the startup’s solution will be considered. The business model should be financially feasible and have the potential for growth and expansion. Startups should demonstrate a clear plan for scaling their operations and reaching a wider audience.
  4. Market Potential: The market potential of the startup’s solution will be evaluated. Startups should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the target market, its size, and the demand for their solution. Evidence of market research and a well-defined marketing strategy will be advantageous.
  5. Financial Stability: The financial stability and sustainability of the startup will be evaluated. Startups should demonstrate a sound financial plan, including revenue models, projected financial statements, and a clear understanding of funding requirements for scaling their operations.
  6. Presentation and Communication: The clarity and effectiveness of the application, including the presentation of the startup’s solution, its potential impact, and the overall vision, will be considered. Clear and concise communication will be valued.

To provide your details, please click on the application link provided, which will direct you to the Google Form page: