Employability Skills Development Training


Lack of proper guidance at an early stage is one of the leading causes of Youth unemployment these days. Even an advanced degree can't protect some of our best from tumbling down. We believe in honing other essential skills required in today’s competitive world. Understanding the importance of this newly raised important aspect, most of the educational institutions in India have initiated programs, projects and activities for their students. YouthNet has been conducting successful Higher Education and Career Development programs in schools and colleges across Nagaland since 2012, and we’d love to be given an opportunity to conduct Employability Skills Development Training and Orientation on Employment in the Private Sector for the students in your Institution. The curriculum is designed to equip them with critical skills to seek employment in various sectors and encourage them to seek out new paths of information and knowledge.


  • Equip the students with the basic information and skills required for employment.
  • Sensitize the students on job opportunities in the private sector.
  • Make aware of personal and professional growth opportunities in the Private sector.

The training covers the following:

  1. Private Sector Orientation
  2. Personal and Workplace Etiquette
  3. Appearance and Grooming
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Team Work
  6. Time Management
  7. Career Planning and Development
  8. Resume Writing and Interview Skills- Followed by Mock Calls

YouthNet Career and Development Centre YCDC signed the Employability Skills Development MoU with 10 colleges from 2018 to date and has successfully trained 290 students.