Hekani Jakhalu conferred the prestigious Schneider Electric Prerna Award 2021

Hekani Jakhalu conferred the prestigious Schneider Electric Prerna Award 2021.

Schneider Electric, a global leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation with a mission towards sustainability and efficiency is ranked the world’s most sustainable corporation.

The Prerna award institutionalised in 2015 recognises and honours courageous women who challenge society’s status quo facing all odds to making pioneering sustainable contributions towards innovation and empowering other women in the society.

On an exclusive interview with The Morung Express Hekani Jakhalu mentioned “It is not me, It is not something that I did and it happened. It’s teamwork over the past 15 years. I really feel that this Award is a celebration of 15 years of our work”.

She further went on to say that “It is everyone who made YouthNet grow, focusing on the vision that our work will impact someone’s life”. “ We do not even know whose life it is going to be, but it does not matter, numbers also do not matter as long as we know that it is impacting someone’s life”.

On her acceptance speech, Hekani Jakhalu expressed that the Award “is a great motivation for our cause, and it means a lot to me and everyone at YouthNet.” Reiterating YouthNet’s work on youth empowerment, employment and livelihood through intervention in the education sector, skill development and entrepreneurship programs she noted that, “We have been making significant impact by reaching out to over one lakh young people and especially as we turn 15 this year, this recognition is definitely a wonderful honour.”

 Recalling her journey Hekani Jakhalu mentioned “ This 15-year journey has been a meaningful one but not one without its share of challenges, working to nurturing a generation of positive, responsible youths contributing to society”.  She said, “YouthNet as an organisation did not work for validation. But recognitions such as this ….we are humbled because we know the hard work that we have to put in is all worth it,” she said.

 On Schneider Electric Hekani Jakhalu noted “large scale organisations like Schneider Electric pushing for sustainability and self-reliant really makes a difference in convincing our current business ecosystem to follow in the path in adopting energy efficient tools and practices and reduce carbon footprints all along the value chain system of the enterprise ecosystem.”

Indicating the pre-eminent threat to the people and the planet which is the believe that someone else will save it. In her message to all future lawyers, entrepreneurs and women, Hekani Jakhalu voiced “Let us not only focus on excelling in what we do but live with a purpose in life. Let us make it our personal responsibility to make a positive impact in someone’s life and our planet.”

 On her closing note Hekani Jakhalu added “I thank all my amazing team who have been part of YouthNet in the past 15 years. This is your award as much as it is mine,”