Kechangulie (Chabuo) Rio

The youngest Executive Member of YouthNet, Kechangulie (Chabuo) Rio is the Managing Director of M/S Chabou & Co. He has a BBA degree from University of Canberra (Australia), and is currently pursuing MBA at the University of Canberra (Australia). He […]

Pretso Therie

Pretso Therie is the Director of the CWIIL Group (NE & NCR). He has an MBA degree from Australia. Pretso was instrumental in strategizing the Organization’s structure and programme during its initial years.

Naro Imchen

Naro Imchen is an entrepreneur. She is a culinary specialist with trainings from Bangkok and New.Delhi. She also dabbles in clothing and retail. Naro has a Bachelors degree from Shillong.