Hekani Jakhalu

Hekani Jakhalu Kense, is a lawyer by profession, She has an LLM, degree from University of San Francisco, and trained extensively at Harvard University, American University in Washington D.C., Amnesty International- San Francisco and the United Nations Head Quarters in […]

Theja meru

Theja Meru is a musician and an entrepreneur. He was part of a band called Blood and Fire, a Chennai based band in the 90s. Today he heads the Rattle & Hum Music Society (www.rattlenhum.com) which aims to network musicians […]

Kuchi Rangkau Zeliang

Kuchi Rangkau Zeliang studied International Management at the University of Westminster, London, and has a Diploma in Film Directing, Production and TV Journalism from the Asian Academy of Films and Television, Australia. He has business ventures in the telecom sectors […]

Zaren Odyuo

Zaren Odyuo started Tribal Enterprise Pvt.Ltd at the age of 23. Today, after six years it is one of the fastest growing retail business in the State under the name of ‘Gravity’ and ‘Hub’ with setups in three towns, with […]