Youth Leadership and Development Programme

YouthNet partnered with Pravah, a Delhi based NGO for this programme. The focus of the Pravah Streaming partnership is to help YouthNet incorporate a youth development approach to their existing work with Right to Information (RTI). In other words helping them to understand how to build the skills of self, leadership and confidence inorder to articulate their stances as they work to create a corruption free society through RTI.

YouthNet Associate Director Joshua Sheqi has attended the Ocean in a Drop course of Pravah and post the course there has been a belief that the youth development approach will strengthen their programme. A visit by the Pravah team was also made to understand the socio-political-cultural context of the Naga youth and YouthNet’s work more deeply. Kuovizo Belho, the Programme Co-coordinator attended a 12 days internship with the Youth Intervention team of Pravah in November 2011.

The internship experience supported Kuovizo in learning about Pravah’s work with youth and gaining ideas on designing and facilitating workshops with youth. This was followed by a two days workshop with YouthNet youth leaders in January 2011. The objective was to help them analyze how a system’s thinking approach would add a greater depth and quality to their work with RTI. The workshop focused on building self and leadership skills of the students even as they work with RTI. Joshua and Kuovizo also attended the streaming partners meeting at Delhi from 30th April 2012 – 5th May 2012.

Apart from the above mentioned activities, YouthNet has formed a group called “YouthNet Young Ambassadors” consisting of college students to help and assist YouthNet with RTI related issues and in the process develop their leadership and facilitation skills.

Contact YouthNet : 8014608852/ 8256923961

YouthNet Young Ambassadors
YouthNet Young Ambassadors with a total of 20 young people were initially known as the student leaders but gradually in the process of developing their skills for facilitation and leadership these student leaders were given the name of YouthNet Young Ambassadors. This group of leaders were given this name with the aim to create a sense of ownership in working with the YouthNet team. YouthNet adopted a ‘Youth Development’ approach (working on self and leadership development) compared to ‘Youth for Development’ approach in its work with the youth on RTI.

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