SVEEP Campaign in different districts of Nagaland

With the aim to encourage youths in particular and the citizens in general to enroll their names in the electoral roll and cast their votes during election, the CEO Nagaland in collaboration with YouthNet and State icon for SVEEP campaign, Alobo Naga conducted the Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) Campaign all over Nagaland.

The YouthNet Team along with Alobo Naga visited all the districts, spreading the message on the importance of voters to get registered and cast their votes. The Campaign also aimed at making each one understand the importance of their right to vote, which otherwise is influenced by various other social compulsions. It further encouraged people not to sell their votes or practice proxy voting.

In Kiphire, Deputy Commissioner of Kiphire, Neposo Theluo challenged the students to encourage the villagers to practice free and fair election practices. He also said many students earn a lot by casting votes during election but that it should not happen during the time of election. He stressed on the unity of civil societies, principals of schools and colleges, department of higher education and administration to work together and urged the students to abstain from selling their votes and practicing proxy voting during elections.

In Phek, the Program was chaired by EAC and SVEEP Nodal Officer Phek District, Tia Yanger Jamir. He also spoke on the importance of voting while stating that voting is one’s right and a gift, and that one should not sell one’s rights. Pointing out that a district like Phek does not have connections to highway, the EAC called upon the participants to think wisely and to choose leaders who will work with them as well as create an ecosystem which will benefit the district while also adding that ‘If you sell your vote, you sell your future’.

In Peren, the programme was also attended by Dr. Kadambari Bhagat (IAS) ADC Peren. In her speech, she pointed out that it is important for the voters to know about their candidates, their past records etc. She encouraged the participants by saying that whoever attains 18 years of age must register and avail voters ID card. Further, she challenged the crowd not to practice multiple voting or vote for money or jobs etc, but to vote for someone who is capable of leading the people. She also dwelt on the feature of NOTA to the participants and quoted “Join us in the festival of democracy”.

In Longleng, the programme was chaired by T.Wati Aier Additional Deputy Commissioner, while Dr MK Jha, Asst. Professor of Yingli College spoke about the concept of SVEEP programme in Nagaland. He also spoke on the value of a vote and urged the participants to have a clear conscience when voting for a candidate. Chingtam Phom, a representative from Phom People’s Council also spoke on the occasion.

The programme at Tuensang was held at Sao Chang College with the help of District administration and the Nodal officer for SVEEP Campaign. The principal of the college delivered the welcome address and also shared on the importance of practicing clean election for the future.

In Wokha, Alobo Naga the state icon for the SVEEP campaign, in his speech asserted that corruption is at its best, so we should all join hands for the upcoming generation to fight against it. He also challenged the participants to vote for the candidate they think will serve and lead the society. He said “do not let anyone force you to vote for someone whom you don’t want to, but exercise your adult franchise.

In Zunheboto, the programme was chaired by the principal of the college. During the program a short speech was given by Thunchanbemo Tongoe, SDO (Civil) Atoizu. He said, with more young voters in the society, our future lies in our hands for better development and change. He asked the participants to practice clean and fair election. He also said that change does not come at once but we should keep trying and exercise our adult franchise and benefits given to us by the government.

The SVEEP campaign across all the districts was done under the initiative of Election Commission of India and under the directive of Chief Electoral Office of Nagaland. The campaign was aimed at encouraging people to vote right during elections with free and clean practice.

The tour team comprised of Lezo Putsure, Kuovizo Belho, Ruokuokhrienuo Vizotha and Sulika Chishi of YouthNet along with the State SVEEP icon Alobo Naga. During the tour, CDs of the election theme song was also distributed to the participants. Across all the districts DCs, ADCs, SDOs, EACs and various authorities encouraged the campaign and shared their views with the public, while emphasizing on the importance of voting right and encouraging others to do the same. The campaign was held on the theme “My Vote Makes My Future”.


Impact Chart


Districts Date of visiting Venue No of participants (Approx)
Kohima 21st and 24th October 2013 Mezhür Higher Secondary School, Oriental College, Alder College, Modern College, Kros College, Japfü Christian College, St. Joseph College 4000
Kiphire 27th March Zisaji Presidency College 200
Phek 28th March Phek Govt. College 300
Peren 29th March Peren Town Baptist church auditorium 180
Longleng 1st April Yingli College 100
Tuensang 2nd April Sao Chang College 350
Mokochung 3rd April Mayangnokcha Govt Higher Secondary School and Peoples College 700
Wokha 4th April Mt. Tiyi College 300
Zunheboto 5th April Zunheboto Govt. College 340
Dimapur 6th April Tetso College 200
 Total  6670 (approx) 


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