Professional painting training for Naga youth underway in Dimapur

With the market rise in the construction sector in the state and the country, and the very few rate of skilled local construction workers in the state, YouthNet in partnership with Asian paints is providing 45 days of free professional painting program for the unemployed youths of Nagaland, to skill them professionally and expose them to more employment opportunities in the construction sector; with its main training centre to be facilitated at YouthNet office in Dimapur. The training started on 19th August 2019 and will go on for the next two months.

Some highlights about this training are that the students will be taught both theory and hands-on practical knowledge. Some of the topics to be covered include; paint basics, safety measures, pre-painting, surface preparation, under-coat application, premier puttying, color coat, etc.

Nagaland has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in the country, in addition to that, most skilled workers in the construction sector of the state are non-locals. Through its small initiatives like this one, YouthNet hopes to encourage the youth to even take up painting as a profession and also seeks to contribute to elevating the youth unemployment issue in the state, especially to the less privileged ones like the school dropouts.

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