Nuneseno Chase (Head of Training and Development, Nagaland Career and Development Center, YouthNet)


Nuneseno Chase is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of Training experience in the Customer Service and Education industries – with the last 8 years dedicated in Training and Development.

As the Head of Training and Development at YouthNet, her role is to passionately drive training initiatives which empower the people of Nagaland.

She has conducted several successful training sessions for the private and government sectors – over 1000 professionals, and more than 5000 students and job seekers.

She has won several awards for her contribution to training and development in her previous organization and successfully completed an advanced Train-The-Trainer course from Achieve Global. One of her career highlights was when she was ranked as the best trainer – Pan India, amongst hundreds of trainers.

Interests: Youth empowerment, Training Strategy and Business Development.

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