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Internships are a normal practice in Western Countries as it helps students get a feel of the real practical world and help them plan their career goals.  But while Nagaland produces thousands of graduates each year, very few of them have employable skills. This is where YouthNet comes in.

Recognising this need, YouthNet organized an Internship Fair at Ozone Cafe Kohima providing opportunities for the unemployed youth and students of Nagaland to intern with various departments and organizations both private and government sectors in the state for two weeks.

The Internship Fair was graced by the Additional Chief Secretary and Development Commissioner, Government of Nagaland, Alemtemshi Jamir. This Fair enabled 42 interns to have first-hand work experience with several departments and organisations including Administrative Training Institute, NRHM, Nagaland State AIDS Control Society, Health and Family Welfare, Tourism, OSD Planning, Tribal Group, Nagaland Securities, Zynorique Initiatives, Nagaland Premier League, the Heritage, Eastern Mirror, Morung Express, Cartridge World, Synergy Group, and Dice Foundation.

Over the years, the internship trend has increased for students doing their masters and studying in several places spread across the United Kingdom, U.S., Delhi, Mumbai, Dimapur, Kohima, etc. YouthNet has an Internship quota of 25 students a year, and most spend time with the organization during their summer break.

Students can also use an internship to determine if they are interested in a particular career, create a network of contacts or gain school credit.  The students are involved in different activities like recruitment, training, Operations, RTI and research apart from getting an assignment as a team.

Also as part of the summer internship at YouthNet, the interns made a version of Pharrell William’s “HAPPY” featuring prominent artists in Nagaland like Alobo Naga and the Tetseo Sisters. The zero-budget project- ‘Happy Nagaland’ is about promoting livelihood and employment, and also about finding contentment in one’s job.

The video, dedicated to the progressive young Nagaland was launched by YouthNet on YouTube and currently has about 170,000 hits. Breaking Stereotypes was another such video.

YouthNet accepts internship applications throughout the year. Their efforts to address the issue of graduate unemployment and the lack of employable skills in Nagaland through internships and other initiatives are commendable. Such efforts are crucial to providing young people with practical work experience and promoting positive attitudes towards work.

To apply for an internship with YouthNet in Nagaland, interested individuals can send an email to

Interested candidates can kindly fill out this Google Form after sending an email,

The organization accepts internship applications throughout the year and provides opportunities for students and unemployed youth to gain practical work experience with various departments and organizations in both the private and government sectors. They can use their internship experience to determine their career interests, build a network of contacts, and gain school credit. Moreover, YouthNet’s zero-budget project, “Happy Nagaland,” which promotes livelihood and employment while celebrating contentment in one’s job, is an excellent initiative to tackle the issue of high graduate unemployment and the lack of employable skills among young people in Nagaland.

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  1. I want to pursue my summer internship as an Event Management. Can you help me ?

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