Made in Nagaland Centre to host a two day sale

The Made in Nagaland centre will host a two day sale on the 5th and 6th of April providing a foreground for talented and aspiring entrepreneurs of Nagaland to showcase their products for sale. The centre will present a cultural blend of selectively styled native accessories, clothing, hand crafted items, indigenous food items, tribal home décor, paintings and a host of other items. Shop, eat and enjoy local.

How we can promote our local economy is by being self-sufficient instead of having to depend on products from outside and diverting our expenses elsewhere to better invest in “Local”. This in turn Enables our local products to find a market by first meeting local demands and then paving the way into meeting the demands of the rest of the country, and hopefully the world.

The rich cultural heritage of Nagaland must not slip away in oblivion. Traditions should be sung, written and scripted and more so visually in the forms of art; vivid paintings, handloom, handicrafts and traditional apparels. What is preserved is not lost. What is retained remains, and what is passed down that continues to tell a story of the legacy of our rich cultural heritage. Come and visit our Made in Nagaland centre to discover a space that delves into the future by revisiting in the past.


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