YouthNet and Global Youth Employment Summit (YES)

Since its global launch in Egypt in 2002, the Youth Employment Summit (YES) campaign has validated the concept that young people, if given access to the right resources, can affectively craft their own advancement opportunities. YouthNet, the host organization to YES Nagaland chapter commits to take this campaign forward and engage youth productively and improve the livelihood of the current and future generations.

Youth employment challenge is a common phenomenon the world over. And there is definitely not one solution to this complex and multifaceted problem. However, studies and policy intervention have showed that the one element that has contributed to the flawed policy development over the years, is the inability of policy makers to substantially involve young people.

The Nagaland State youth consultation on employment under the YES Campaign was conceived as a recognition that the voice of the youths matter. And that youths have a vital role to play in formulating a solution to youth employment by being part in charting a common cause and shaping the future for everyone. It was a common determination to see this generation play its part in promoting development through active youth run and youth-led initiatives.

In the light of this, the Government of Nagaland made a conscious effort to involve the youth in developing strategies on youth employment. As future policy makers and leaders, the inputs of the youths are absolutely necessary in not only finding a solution but also sustaining it. Though this consultation has been aimed at providing a platform for youth to specifically focus on the employment question, the rationale behind it is also to gather practical information, which would help various stakeholders on range of youth development issues.

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