Professional Painting Training for Naga youth underway

YouthNet in partnership with Asian Paints is providing 45 Days of Free Professional Painting Training for the youth of Nagaland which kick-started earlier this month at YouthNet Hq in Kohima. The ongoing training is the third batch of trainees having held two earlier batches in Dimapur. The purpose of this training is to help train Naga youth acquire professional skills in painting, certify them as professional Asian Paints painters and enable them to provide better services to thrive in the ever-growing construction sector in the state.

The training consists of classroom learning and practicals where they are taught about various types and styles of painting, mixtures, and procedures, etc. The later part of the training consists of a section on soft skills and personality development and an internship duration of 31 days where they test their learning to the task of painting on an actual building where they will be closely monitored and mentored and also be paid as a painter for their service.

Youth Unemployment continues to be a burning issue in Nagaland, and Painting being a lucrative sector, this training can help youth opt for job opportunities as a professional painter and engage themselves into earning their own livelihood.

Trainees from the earlier batches talk about their experiences after the training.

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