YouthNet Incubation Centre – Established under Startup Nagaland in partnership with the Dept. of Industries & Commerce, nurturing & supporting innovative start-ups to scale up their business.

MIN Centre

Made in Nagaland Centre – Hosting over 150 entrepreneurs, the centralized platform for local entrepreneurs to promote their products and services within and outside of Nagaland.


North East Entrepreneurship Fellowship – Entrepreneurs from the eight North-East states come together over a year long fellowship of knowledge & exposure, networking opportunity and financial access.


YouthNet Women Entrepreneurship Fellowship – Established under Startup Nagaland Policy 2019 in partnership with the Dept. of Industries & Commerce, facilitating women entrepreneurs to grow their business.

First Cut

An intercollegiate entrepreneurship competition equiping students with real life experience of the business world, reaching to 40 colleges with more than 700 participants since 2015.