Assessment of Naga Professionals Working outside Nagaland

As assigned by the Government of Nagaland and sponsored under “Year of Capacity Building” 2009-10, YouthNet conducted a survey on Naga Professionals working outside Nagaland. The objective of this study was to assess the approximate number of Naga professionals working outside the state and also to help the Government in framing policies and programs which is more youth friendly and are in line with the aspirations of the youth. Naga young professionals working outside expressed their desire to come back home one day and contribute to the overall developmental process. However, they were of the strong opinion that the Naga political scenario should change with a more secure environment created for private and multinational companies to come and invest, which would not only enhance the economy of the State but also create a huge job market for the unemployed. This survey was not exhaustive and at best, is the measure of the approximate number of Nagas working outside Nagaland in varied fields in which they are placed. It also provides a clear picture of how successfully Nagas are absorbed in different jobs outside the state, in the highly competitive metros.

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