YouthNet Job Centre (YJC), earlier known as Nagaland Job Centre (NJC) is a placement cell of YouthNet aimed to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers in the private sector. It is one of the largest local placement consultancies in Nagaland that sources to the private sectors. YouthNet Job Centre (YJC) serves over 200 clients in Nagaland and beyond across various sectors including retail, hospitality, insurance, education, banking, construction, music, IT, automobile and social sector. Since its inception, YouthNet Job Centre (YJC ) has assisted over 1200 candidates to find employment in positions from chefs/cooks, kitchen helpers, drivers, security guards, sales assistants and executives, stewards/stewardess, cashiers to Operations Managers, Project Managers, accountants, front office assistants and receptionists, food and beverage supervisors and assistants, to name a few.



Hi, I am Akum Lemtur and I'm currently working in Infinity Organic as an accountant. Through this retail life training, I have improved a lot and have gained knowledge about life skills and how to face an interview. It has also helped me to develop my speaking skills too. YouthNet has helped me to get a job and has given me ample knowledge for my future.


Hi I am Sungjemnula Amri and I'm currently working in Pullman, New Delhi. The Life skills training by YouthNet and Quest Alliance has been helpful for me as it has improved my speaking skills and has made me feel more confident in myself. The Hospitality Training has also helped me gain more knowledge about the Hotel industry.

Hello, I'm Chumdemo Ovung. I am a graduate and a trainee of the 4th retail training. I'm currently working in Rusoki Kitchen as Manager. Retail training thought me many things I was not aware of, and it really helped me in knowing about market environment, Monopoly and through this training I can say that I'm fit for any job in retail sector. The training helped me in getting this job as it made me confident enough to face the interview. The training mold and transform me greatly. Thank you YouthNet Dimapur for making me the best of which I was not.