Women entrepreneur who have already started their portion of experiments in the Beauty and Wellness sector and aspire to make these initiatives bigger.

TOT ( Training of the Trainers)

  • 7 days up skilling training which is the first phase of training to become a beautypreneur(trainer) module emphasizes on facilitation skills and the content of each service. Also the beautypreneurs will be certified as a trainer to train others (salon-I)
  • Training content and materials will be provided at the end of 7 days by Godrej and YouthNet.
  • (funded and supported by Godrej and YouthNet)


  • A 3 days course with the Beautypreneurs to ensure that the content shared by the Godrej and YouthNet. Also the Beautypreneurs will be reevaluated by the master trainer to ensure that the SOP of the content are being followed and imparting.


  • The Beautypreneurs will have to give a one day seminar with a group of girls and women in her own town. With a target number of 20-30 participants. The topic can be based on any service or on the interest and need of the participants. Or can also be based on personal care and hygiene.


  • These process is not only based on training technical skills. But, also a path for the women to transverse a journey of discovering dignity through work and exercise right.


  • The Beautypreneurs will have to run a training along with her salon. A target number of 5 girls in each batch for a basic one month course. The content will be shared. This course is not free the girls will have to pay some basic amount to the Beautypreneurs to get trained.
  • Also the trainees will be certified at the end of the course.


  • This is a 5 days separate training for the Beautypreneurs where they will be taught the advance skills or service based on their interest.


  • The Beautypreneurs will get to know more about her market and also relook at her own business strategies.
  • Financial data.
  • Account management
  • Costing and finance
  • Sales, offers and package
  • Advertisement, promotion and branding.


  • Beautypreneurs from all over Nagaland come together during the night carnival festival in Kohima. Where they will run a stall divided in different groups for 5-7 days. At the end the winning team will receive cash prize and lots of exiting gift hampers along with the certificate from the Godrej and YouthNet.
  • (Funded and supported by Godrej and YouthNet)