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Young Leaders Connect (YLC) 5 in Itanagar

By On 09/11/2016

Young Leaders Connect-5 in Itanagar. Itanagar: The fifth edition of Young Leaders Connect (YLC) was successfully inaugurated at Itanagar on the 28th and 29th. YLC is a YouthNet initaitive and an annual… Read More


Young Leaders Connect- Strengthening and speaking for the North-East

By On 04/05/2016

Young Leaders Connect (YLC) is a YouthNet initiative to bring young leaders and achievers from the 8 North East states together in one platform with the hope of developing greater awareness and… Read More

Young Leaders Connect

Young Leaders Connect

By On 01/07/2014

The Northeast, whilst being an integral part of India, continues to remain elusive and has long received focus and attention of relatively insignificant proportion. Rarely has the national media featured the Northeast besides the… Read More