Nagaland Job Centre (NJC)

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Nagaland Job Centre (NJC) is a placement cell of YouthNet aimed to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers in the private sector. It is one of the largest local placement consultancies in Nagaland that sources to the private sectors. Nagaland Job Centre (NJC) serves over 200 clients in Nagaland and beyond across various […]



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Beauty-preneur is a project in partnership with Godrej’s Good and Green- Salon-I. This program aims to incubate women entrepreneurs in Nagaland in the area of beauty and wellness, enable local women to start training other girls and address the issues of migration. It also empowers women through Life skills and gender sensitization. This initiative is […]

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Dial Nagaland

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With the objective of promoting and empowering local skilled workers, YouthNet in partnership with the Department of Labour and Employment launched “Dial Nagaland” in 2015. Dial Nagaland is a classified directory of 655 local skilled workers whose services can be availed by simply dialing a number (70850-50006) for services such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, masons […]

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Nagaland Career and Development Centre (NCDC)

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Nagaland Career and Development Centre (NCDC) is the training wing of YouthNet. With the belief that generating employable youth is as important as creating jobs, NCDC helps in empowering young Nagas with the necessary skills, con­fidence and positive attitude required by the public and private sectors. We started with various training programs, one of them […]